Benefits to using Way Finding Solutions


3D Map Views

You are no longer limited to flat, two-dimensional maps. Enjoy a variety of views that include: fly over, stacked skeleton, multi-floor, 360 directional and eagle. Create a unique user experience that best highlights your building.


Dynamic Map Pop-Ups

Get the most out of each map with interactive features that include pop-up descriptions, product promotions, event announcements and other relevant information that is subject to change.


Smart Search Capabilities

Provide a built-in interactive keyboard for a user-friendly way to find specific destinations and zoom in on certain areas that may be hard to find on the map.


Map It Now

Provide turn-by-turn directions using SMS, QR codes, email and physical printing capabilities so that users can take the information with them and enjoy the maximum benefits of wayfinding tools.

Technology Options

  • Interactive Wayfinding
  • Mobile Wayfinding
  • Interactive Touch Screen
  • Digital Directories


High-Quality Displays

Wayfinding displays aren’t much good if they don’t provide clear visuals that are easy to read for a wide range of users. At datanet AV, we only deal with the best manufacturers and equipment in order to guarantee crisp and clear maps that make it easy to get around.

Unique Mapping Solutions
Effective Crowd Control


By using an intelligent wayfinding algorithm, you can automatically generate directions that take into account ease of access and highlight the shortest possible path. This information can be used to choose the most efficient path or disabled to view alternative paths or route preference. Users can easily take advantage of integrated route preferences while also taking into account wheelchair accessibility and viewing any recommended detours based on travel times and distances.


Dynamic map viewing abilities offer incredibly advanced fly over route animation that provides virtual directions as users walk through the building. Other options include a stacked skeleton view, which supports both multi-floor and 360-degree directional perspectives and eagle views that offer an easy to understand 3D view with top-down route directions.

Most people use their smartphone to look up directions anyway, so why not integrate your maps with the tools they already use? With mobile wayfinding capabilities, you can send direction to multiple destinations or provide one-way routes directly to a phone or tablet through embedded text, QR codes or URLs. This tool relies on the safe data that is utilized in larger wayfinding displays and allows for one-click publication.

Mobile wayfinding can also be fully integrated with Google Maps to provide home-to-appointment directions that include navigation to the nearest parking lot. Choose the relevant mode of transportation, including: driving, drop-offs, public transportation or foot for more accurate travel times and directions. All of our mobile wayfinding technology relies on Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE) for indoor position, which supports both Android and Apple operating systems.