Meeting Collaboration Tools

Benefits of Meeting Collaboration Tools


Data Driven

Share data in engaging ways that foster collaboration. From images, maps, graphs websites and live feeds, there are no limitations on the type and amount of data you can share.


Connected Workforce

Today’s workforce is decentralized and mobile. Connect everyone one your team, regardless of location and effectively work on projects.


Engaged Employees

Take full advantage of the digital natives on your team and use technology to encourage them to innovate and contribute in intuitive ways.


Save Time and Money

By improving workflows and empowering employees to quickly and easily collaborate, you will save both time and money.

Technology Options

  • Mezzanine - 200 Series
  • Mezzanine - 300 Series
  • Mezzanine - 600 Series
  • Mersive Solstice
  • Mersive Solstice


Fully Customizable Capabilities

Powerful hardware and software can support your existing tools and allow you to integrate a long-list of programs for seamless onboarding and a customized experience. Microsoft calendar, Skype and other tools will be right at your fingertips for better collaboration.

Scalable Displays
Multiple User Participation
Workspaces without Boundaries
Cutting-Edge Security


Many teams use traditional video conferencing to collaborate, but this type of content sharing comes with limitations. The right meeting collaboration solutions, you can go beyond one stream of content and use advanced tools to share multiple streams. Team members in different locations can share content and make all the information available at once for faster, better decision making.

Video conferencing can often be more disruptive than productive. Poor sound connections and display qualities can make meetings more difficult. Modern meeting collaboration tools are used to create info presence where data is present everywhere in a three-dimensional space. Clear and secure connections make this possible and allow for the free flow of ideas.

Meeting collaboration tools effectively reduce the time it takes to successfully complete projects by instantly connecting teams, eliminating the need for travel, increasing employee engagement and improving existing workflows.