Conference Rooms

Benefits to using Audio-Video in Conference Rooms


Professional Presentation

Impress clients with professional presentations that use the latest tools to make information more compelling and visually appealing.


Seamless Collaboration

Conference rooms are where ideas take shape. With the right AV equipment, you can more effectively encourage and facilitate meaningful collaboration among team members in the building and around the world.


Reinforced Branding

Build your company brand through reinforcement. Consistent branding through strategically designed audio/visual displays and presentations will increase conversions and build brand recognition.


Video Conferencing

Today’s businesses aren’t limited by the walls of their building. They are interacting on a global scale and collaborating with experts across borders. Easily communicate and connect with advanced video conferencing tools that can help put everyone in the same room.

Technology Options

  • Huddle Rooms
  • Traditional Conference Rooms
  • Board Rooms
  • Room Scheduling Systems


Better Communication

In some ways, communication has become both easier and more complex. As markets become more globalized and remote workers are becoming more popular, organizing effective communication can be challenging. Conference room solutions from datanet AV work to provide the best tools to streamline communication and allow for seamless collaboration, no matter where you and the rest of your team may be.

Stunning Visuals
User-Friendly Tools


If you are in charge of a hospital, stadium or other large facility one of the absolute best tools you can provide both employees and visitors is clear and accurate directories that allow everyone to easily find their way. Interactive digital displays also take some of the burden of customer service off the shoulders of employees. When visitors are able to answer questions on their own with the help of informative displays, they don’t have to stop and ask employees as many questions.

Whether you need to set-up a conference call with colleagues around the globe or you want to showcase your presentation on the best equipment available, the right conference room solutions will make all the difference. Take communication and collaboration to the next level with high-quality displays and software that can meet all your needs and make sure that you make a great impression every time.

Boost morale by using digital signs to recognize employees who have gone above and beyond or met certain key performance indicators. You may be surprised to see how a little public recognition and positive reinforcement can motivate others and help employees to feel valued and appreciated. An attitude shift in just one person can have a contagious effect the benefits the entire organization.